Mobile Banking
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Transaction Limit setting:
  1. Customers can Set Transaction Limit for each channel such as ATM, ECOM and POS.
  2. Customers can temporarily Block/Unblock their Debit Card (This feature blocks the complete card for all transactions).
  3. Customers can temporarily Block/Unblock individually for ATM, ECOM and POS channels.
Please Note:
  1. ECOM transaction will be in a blocked status by default for all USNDCB customers and also for existing customers who have never used these services before.
  2. Customers have to unblock the Toggles of ECOM to make ECOM transactions.
  3. POS and ECOM have a combined Daily Limit.
  4. Customer will receive SMS alerts for each change using the Manage Card service.
  5. Please not that all changes are in real time.